Aya Kawaguchi

Aya Kawaguchi



Born in Fukuoka, Japan, 1975

Lives and works in Duluth, Minnesota USA


[ Education ]


1994-1998             Tokyo Zokei University

1998-2000           Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Master of Fine Arts


[ Professional Experience ]


2000 - Current  Art Instructor at Hinata Painting School for Children, Fukuoka Japan

2002 - 2003         Art Lecturer at Fukuoka Jo Gakuin Junior High School, Fukuoka Japan

2012 - Current   Art Instructor at Ayasota Art Studio, Duluth MN

2014 Apr.- May  Art Instructor at Montessori, Duluth MN


[ Solo Exhibitions ]


1999                        Gallery Expects / Futaba Gallery, Tokyo

                                Art Exchange Society;Third Gallery Juried Exhibition / Key Gallery, Tokyo

                                Saison Art Perogram;ART-ING TOKYO 1999;21x21 / Toki Art Space, Tokyo


2001                       Solo Exhibitions 2001 Part 2. Aya Kawaguchi Show / 3 Go So Ko, Fukuoka


2002                      Art Scholarship 2001/Exhibit LIVE, Tokyo

                               Solo Exhibitions 2002 Part 1. Aya Kawaguchi Show / 3 Go So Ko, Fukuoka


2003                      Aya Kawaguchi Show / Gallery Jin, Tokyo

                               Aya Kawaguchi New Works /  Galerie Tokyo Humanite, Tokyo


2004                      Antlas / UPLINK GALLERY, Tokyo


2005                      Aya Kawaguchi New Works / Gallery Jin, Tokoyo

                               The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation Gift and Mythologies :

                               Earlier, Recent and Future Acquisirions / The Contemporary Art  Museum, Hawaii



[ Group Exhibitions ]


1999                       ART-ING TOKYO 1999:21x21"INDEX" / SAP Gallery, Tokyo

                               99CFS / Manzu Museum, Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo


2000                     Muka Studio:The 366/200 Project / Auckland Museum,National Museum of Fine Arts Buenos Aires


2001                      Ritornello-the painters of new generation- / Bumpodo Gallery, Tokyo

                               The Booth Exhibition / 3 go-so-ko, Fukuoka

                               Goup Show / Galerie Tokyo Humanite, Tokyo


2002                     2002-HERE / Gallery Mo-r, Tokyo

                              Art Scholarship 2001:Michiko Kasahara Award / Exhibit LIVE, Tokyo

                              Book Mark / Ai Gallery, Tokyo

                              Booth Exhibition / 3 go-so-ko, Fukuoka

                              normal-life / SPICA MUSEUM, Tokyo

                              NORMAL-life@OSAKA / Studio J, Osaka

                              NORMAL-Synergetic age / Izutsuya, Hiroshima

                              NORMAL@Fukuoka / 3 go-so-ko, Fukuoka


2003                     Traffic:Art Exchange Between Kitakyushu and Fukuoka / Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art, Fukuoka

                              Jin Winter Session 2003 / Gallery Jin, Tokyo


2004                     Artist Hawai'i 2004 / Honolulu Academy of Arts, Hawaii

                              P-factory World Tour in Hakata / art spce tetra, Fukuoka

                              The White Show@MIKORP Studios / San Francisco


2005                     Korea International Art Fair  / Seoul COEX indian Hall, Korea

                              Group Show / Bumpodo Galery. Tokyo

                              ART FAIR TOKYO / Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo

                              Decentralizing the Center : Kansas City Urbn Cultural Project-Bank Space / Kansas

                              Group Show-Small Works- / Gallery Jin, Tokyo


2006                     P-factory in Philadelphia / Philadelphia


2010                      Painting Zombies / Katherine E Nash Gallery, Minneapolis


2011                        3 Go So Ko First Decade / 3 Go Soko, Fukuoka, Japan


[ Awards ]


1998                        Art Exchange Society:Third Gallery Juried by Key Gallery


2000                      HOLBEIN SCHOLARSHIP


2001                       Art Scholarship 2001 Excellent Award by Junichi Shioda, director of Nigata City Art Museum

                               and Michiko Kasahara, curator of Tokyo Metropolitan Museum


2001                       Art Document Support Program by SHISEIDO


[ Selected Articles and Publications ]


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